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Make it Better and it`s miBers* thank you in advance for your visit!!!


We want to introduce you to Make it Better – Association for Innovation and Social Economy, which we affectionately also refer as miB, and which initials allow us to draw a butterfly. A butterfly that must simultaneously represent the original philosophy of the organization: to do or help to do better, to be guided by specific needs wherever they exist, to move from simple ideas, incorporating concepts of lightness, creativity and innovation, whether as a means, either as ends.


The butterfly is materialized in a non-profit organization, free and independent from political ideologies, partisan, religious or other generating inequality, discrimination or personal, social, institutional, sectorial or geographical segregation. To do this, it must be built strictly on principles of social and environmental responsibility, not only in the way these are now widely understood, but also contributing for their evolution, by progressively introducing greater effectiveness in change and in the creation of positive impact.


miB has completed its metamorphosis into an agile butterfly, ready to start its flight!


We are very grateful for your participation and interest, trusting that together we will do much better.


See you soon!


* ...insatiable creatures motivated to make simple and better what man, society and the planet need!
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